Interpreting Services
Interpreting Services

With our extensive network of global interpreters, we can provide interpretation services anywhere in the world, into any language you need, for any type of event or meeting.

Consecutive Interpreting
In this type of interpreting the speaker pauses to give time for the interpreter to translate the speech before continuing. This is the most common type of request and is required in such settings as training, business meetings, business negotiations, depositions, legal proceedings and medical appointments.

Simultaneous Interpreting
This involves a steady stream of interpretation that takes place without a break or pause in the original speech. The result is translated content in real-time with a delay of only a few seconds. It requires two interpreters to work in tandem in soundproof booths with technical equipment to deliver the interpretation to an audience listening through headphones. This is typically requested for conferences and presentations to large groups. We can manage all aspects of your event; we will provide the technical equipment as well as the on-site engineers to set-up and monitor the equipment.

Whispering Interpreting
This is a type of simultaneous interpretation for a small audience, usually consisting of no more than three people. The interpreter “whispers” the simultaneous interpretation of the speech into the listener’s ear. This is usually conducted without the use of equipment and without any breaks or pauses in the original speech.

Certified, Court and Sworn Interpreting
This is generally consecutive (without pause) but requires a linguist who holds certain qualifications and certifications in order to carry out the interpretation. Certain countries and states require that interpreters who appear in court proceedings be court-certified or sworn. This type of interpreting might also be used for the signing of contracts and deeds and during shareholder and business meetings.

Over the Phone Interpreting Service (OPI)
This ensures that your customers can understand you quickly and accurately. Telephone interpreters are standing by 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our state of the art interpreter call center connects you to a professionally certified interpreter in a matter of minutes.

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