Legal Translation Services
Legal Translation ServicesAras Translation is an industry leader in translation services for the legal industry. We understand that our clients in the legal sector have vastly different needs than the rest of our clients, especially those who work in international litigation and e-discovery.

We provide our legal customers with an extensive translation and localization package, which boasts a wide range of support services, with a single point of contact. This ensures continual service for the full span of each project. Aras Translation’s legal services allow attorneys to focus more of their time on litigation and less on linguistics.

Certified Translations

Court Certified Translation Services
We offer certified, sworn or notarized translation services. Enlisting sworn and qualified translators and interpreters, we are able to provide an official certificate of accuracy for the translated document or spoken interpretation that is presentable at any official institution that may require it. As certification standards vary between countries and regions, we offer advice and guidance about whatever document or certification you may be seeking. If your project requires someone with specific qualifications, we will put you in contact with the right person.

eDiscovery Services

Fast advanced machine or human document translation.
When you need a quick and accurate representation of potential evidence, machine translation can be an imperfect solution.

Professional Project Managers
The human translation step often comes late in the e-Discovery process, when deadlines are looming. Our team project managers work with our resources and clients to deliver the top-quality service that our clients expect and deserve within tight timelines. You can expect clear communication from a dedicated PM who speaks your language, can answer all of your questions, and will keep you informed.

Subject-specific Translators
Documents included in electronic discovery come from disciplines across the professional spectrum and can contain specific or restricted terminology. Our network of translators worldwide gives us access to subject-specific translators, all of whom have experience translating text in the given industry.

Document Security
To protect confidential information, all Aras Translation translators sign and adhere to our confidentiality agreement.

e-Discovery Review Sets
The initial investigation of documents for discovery includes primarily non-responsive documents; there is no need to use human translators to cull these. However, the translations must be accurate enough to clearly represent the contents of the original documents. Aras Translation applies advanced Machine Translation technology and can deliver the translations directly into your processing workflow. Once potentially responsive documents are identified, our expert translators perfect the translations to ensure that all information is available for the second-level review.

To ensure the highest levels of accuracy and speed, Aras Translation has developed QualityPerfect, our proprietary quality management system. QualityPerfect is able to extract non-visible information from e-Discovery materials as well as validate formatting consistency to maintain contextual cues from the original document. Finally, every document must pass our rigorous quality testing prior to delivery.

Translation Memory
Our Translation Memory technology tracks and stores all translations for a given client in a separate database to increase cost efficiency in instances of repeated phrases while maintaining the information segregation required to protect sensitive information, trade secrets or attorney-client privilege.

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