Engineering translations present a unique set of challenges. To correctly and accurately provide web and document translation services, linguists must have expert language skills and understand complex technical concepts. One missed detail can mean substantial losses of revenue. Error can also lead to faulty product manuals, instructions or building layouts.

At Aras Translation, we understand the essential role precise translations play in the engineering field. We work with native language linguists who have expertise in engineering terminology to ensure that our translations meet the highest standards of accuracy.

Our areas of technical specialization include:

  1. Architecture and urban planning

  2. Automation and robotics

  3. Construction

  4. Electronics

  5. Energy sciences

  6. Chemical engineering

  7. Materials engineering

  8. Environmental engineering

  9. Telecommunications

  10. Transport

Some of the Engineering documents that we have translated include:

  1. Part/product catalogs

  2. Operation and maintenance documentation

  3. Technical approvals

  4. Quality control reports

  5. Maintenance manuals

  6. Quality manuals

  7. Product data sheets

  8. Patent documentation

  9. Technical data sheets

  10. Training/instructional materials

  11. Technical standards

  12. Handbooks

  13. Technical guides

  14. Service agreements

  15. Scientific articles

  16. Manufacturing documentation

  17. Manufacturing permits