Life Sciences
Translation services for the Life Sciences industry presents unique challenges and opportunities in the translation field. Communication is crucial for effective patient care.

Aras Translation is proud to offer specialized translations services in the fields of biotech, clinical research organizations, medical devices and diagnostics, healthcare providers and pharmaceuticals, among others.

It is our goal to ensure that information contained in the translated documents has been conveyed correctly. We work with clients to create technical glossaries tailored to the relevant area of expertise.

Medical software is an increasingly important element of the life sciences industry. Our translation process adheres to strict industry regulations and ensures the consistent and accurate localization of product descriptions, patient reported outcomes, instruction manuals, medical documents and more.

Our life sciences translation services include:

  1. Test results

  2. Patient hospital records

  3. Clinical test protocols

  4. Medical articles and leaflets

  5. Autopsy reports

  6. Patient information

  7. Legal medical documents

  8. Marketing communications

  9. Datasheets and certificates of analysis

  10. Patient education materials